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In the early 1980s, many mainstream radio stations refused to play hip-hop music. They saw hip-hop as a passing craze or they believed it was not real music because it borrowed sounds from other songs. MTV launched in 1981, but the channel ignored music by African Americans until pop singer Michael Jackson broke through with his video for "Billie Jean" in 1983. When Yo! MTV Raps debuted in August of 1988, it was the first time most white people heard (and even saw) rap music. The late 80s was looked at as the birth of rap/hip-hop music, especially to the mainstream, and artists like LL Cool J, Run-D.M.C., N.W.A., and Public Enemy produced memorable and long-lasting songs. This is the Official site to Listen to 80s Rap Songs and watch 80s Rap Music Videos.


LL Cool J


LL Cool J released three albums in the 80s that produced many hit rap songs including:


I Need Love

Going Back To Cali

I'm That Type Of Guy

Big Ole Butt

Rock The Bells

I'm Bad

I Can't Live Without My Radio





Run-D.M.C. released four albums in the 80s that produced many hit rap songs including:


Walk This Way

It's Like That

It's Tricky

Hollis Crew

King Of Rock

Run's House

Mary, Mary



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